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Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Denver Leads 7-0 Early

It's 7-0 in favor of the Denver Broncos over the Kansas City Chiefs. Here are some notes on this part of the game:


  • The Chiefs' first drive was ugly. A penalty, a sack and some plain bad plays forced an early punt. 
  • The Chiefs' second drive was much better than the first, despite having to punt again. Matt Cassel ran the ball well. Steve Breaston dropped a first down catch on third down however. 


  • The Broncos literally ran over the Chiefs' defense on their first drive. They did not pass the ball. The drive ended with a 7-yard touchdown run by Tim Tebow.
  • The Broncos are running almost a 100% rushing offensive attack, option plays included.
  • Both Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno were injured in the first quarter. 

What other observations have you noticed?