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Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Greetings From Arrowhead Stadium


Good morning everyone.

I'm getting settled into my seat in the press box here at Arrowhead Stadium for today's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos

The traffic wasn't bad when I came into the stadium so I wonder how many fans we'll see out at the stadium today. Surprisingly I only saw one Tim Tebow jersey coming in so I wonder where Tebow-mania is hiding. The team bus was just pulling in as I was so the enemy is in the house.

As you can see the in picture above, the Chiefs are doing a salute to Veterans today. There are cards on all those seats and people that sit down in the seat will put them up creating a "Thank You Veterans" sign in the crowd.

There are a handful of players on the field warming up as I type this.

Everyone ready for the game today? Where are you watching it?