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NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Arrowhead Pride Edition

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Another week of power rankings!  I know, calm down I'm excited too!  This week there weren't too many drastic changes.  The Chiefs dropped quite a bit after an embarrassing loss.  That was to be expected though even for a bunch of homers ranking the teams.  The Chargers stayed the same and the Raiders dropped.  The Broncos however jumped up pretty good.

If you want to find out exactly where the Chiefs fell then please follow along.  Also, give a thanks to the panel members.  They really don't have to do this every week but they get these in on time for you guys.

The Packers are once again number 1 but the 49ers are closing in on them.  The biggest questions this year are;  Will the Packers lose a game?  If they do who will it be against?  I'm not sure if they will looking at their schedule.  The only way would be at the end of the year when they rest some of their players.

There were no ties this week which is surprising since there always seems to be at least one.  However, I'm not complaining it makes my job easier.  The Chiefs drop 6 tied with the Patriots for the 2nd biggest fall for the week.  The Bills dropped 7 spots making them the biggest loser.  There were 4 teams that tied for the highest jump this week with 5.  Those teams are the Broncos, Cowboys, Giants, and Ravens.

There were 10 teams this week that stayed in the same spot as last week which is a high for the year with these rankings.  Are we starting to weed out the pretenders and contenders?

This week the document must have erased some info or something so I had to write the short blurbs about the AFC West and AFC North except for the Browns.  As always I'll put the team's record next to their name along with where they were last week.

*Disclaimer:  These were ranked and written before the Thursday Night Game.

1.  Green Bay Packers (8-0) (+/- 0)

The defense has flaws, but is good enough with Rodgers and their offense clicking. How long until the undefeated season talk begins?

2.  San Francisco 49ers (7-1) (+ 1)

Another week, another win.  John Harbough has somehow turned the 49ers into an elite, though not at all flashy, team.  At this point he has to be the runaway favorite for coach of the year, even over names like Gailey and Schwartz.

3.  Baltimore Ravens (6-2) (+ 5)

It's pretty simple.  The Ravens have the tie-breaker against the Steelers.  They now have to focus on the Bengals in their division.

4.  New York Giants (6-2) (+ 5)

After spending most of the year labeled as pretenders, the Giants have stepped out and ahead of the pack in dramatic fashion. The schedule doesn't get any easier but this is a mentally tough team that plays great defense and their QB is taking care of the football.

5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) (- 3)

The Steelers are up against the Bengals next.  They then have a late season bye to prepare for the Chiefs on Sunday Night.

6.  New Orleans Saints (6-3) (+/- 0)

The Saints should win the division.

7.  Detroit Lions (6-2) (+/- 0)

Who is the 2nd best team in the NFC North? If the Lions can go into the Windy City and get a win that should answer the question.

8.  Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) (+ 3)

The Bengals are keeping up with the Steelers and Ravens.  They need to win every division game to have a chance.

9.  Houston Texans (6-3) (+ 1)

Arian Foster looks like his old self from last year as both he and Ben Tate rumble for over 100 yards each - when Johnson is healthy again this team will cruise til the playoffs begin.

10.  New England Patriots (5-3) (- 6)

The Patriots need to beat the Jets on Sunday night.  If they do that then they are another step closer in winning the division.

11.  Chicago Bears (5-3) (+ 1)

The Bears have 30 or more rushes 3 games straight. Why is it every year it takes Lovie 5 weeks to convince Martz this is a running team?

12.  Buffalo Bills (5-3) (- 7)

The Bills lost against the Jets last week.  Can they win this week against a hungry Cowboys team?

13.  New York Jets (5-3) (+ 1)

If the Jets beat the Patriots this week then the division could be anyones, well besides the Dolphins.

14.  Atlanta Falcons (5-3) (+ 1)

They beat the Colts this week, which isn't too impressive considering Indy has pretty much given up.

15.  Dallas Cowboys (4-4) (+ 5)

Considering they're only 4-4 the Cowboys have to like their positioning. A win this weekend could be the first step in propelling this team to a Wild Card berth or even a division title.

16.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4) (+/- 0)

With their loss against the Saints, the Bucs now have very little hope of winning the division.

17.  San Diego Chargers (4-4) (+/- 0)

The Chargers are right into thick of things in the AFC West.  It's crazy to find out who the real Chargers are with Rivers playing below his ability.

18.  Tennessee Titans (4-4) (+ 3)

Titans almost make a game of it against the Bengals who look like a legitimate team; Tenn is average at best but at least they aren't the Colts or Jags.

19.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-4) (- 6)

The Chiefs really need to pull a victory out this week against the Broncos.  Then come away with a few of the murderer's row before the last 2 weeks division games.

20.  Oakland Raiders (4-4) (- 2)

The Raiders are a tough team but they hurt themselves way too much to be a consistent winner.  They lead the league in penalties and it isn't even close.

21.  Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) (- 2)

After a big divisional blowout the hype ended in a hurry against the Bears. Luckily the Eagles have a meeting with the Cards to get things back on track.

22.  Washington Redskins (3-5) (+/- 0)

They're just so bad in every aspect of the game. After week 10 Chiefs fans will feel a bit better when another team(Redskins) loses to the Dolphins.

23.  Carolina Panthers (2-6) (+/- 0)

Cam Newton is awesome. They were on a bye week so I don't have much more to say.

24.  Denver Broncos (3-5) (+ 5)

Tebowing?  How about Tambahawking?  Yeah, be afraid Tebow.  Be very afraid.

25.  Cleveland Browns (3-5) (+/- 0)

The Browns allowed not one, but two players to run for over 100 yards, and they were both in striking distance of the 146 yards Colt McCoy threw in the game.

26.  Minnesota Vikings (2-6) (- 2)

The good news: Last week the had a bye, so they didn't lose. The bad news: The Pack will be a lot harder not to lose to.

27.  Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) (- 1)

The bye week was good to the Jags, they gained half game on the Colts and the Titans and had no injuries for week; now reality sinks in as the second half of the season becomes a long, wearing grind.

28.  Miami Dolphins (1-7) (+ 3)

The Dolphins destroyed the Chiefs.  Next up, the Redskins.

29.  Seattle Seahawks (2-6) (- 2)

They lost to a superior team on the road and looked bad doing it.  Par for the course for Seattle this year.

30.  Arizona Cardinals (2-6) (+/- 0)

They pulled off a division win without Kevin Kolb, and that's something, even if the game was kind of a cripple fight.

31.  St. Louis Rams (1-7) (- 3)

Despite coming off a huge win and getting Sam Bradford back, the Rams couldn't find a way to pull off the road win against the Cardinals.  The hardest stretch of their schedule is over, so as the year wraps up we'll finally be able to figure out whether or not the Rams are truly one of the worst teams in the league or not.  Right now, I'm leaning towards, "Yes."

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-9) (+/- 0)

 Rumors abound regarding Bill Polian's son as the Colts just look worse and worse with each passing week; one has to wonder if Manning even wants to return to such a dysfunctional franchise.