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Chiefs Continue Preparing For Tim Tebow

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for a unique quarterback (and offense) with Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow and to do that they are using formula of Tyler Palko + Jerheme Urban = Tim Tebow in practice this week.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said after today's practice that the Palko and Urban combo did an excellent job mimicking Tebow in practice.

"Today with the pads on, we had a great practice," Haley said (video via "Probably in my opinion one of our best practices we've had. Guys were into it. Some of it is that getting to do some different things on the show team that are interesting and exotic, so to speak. I thought everyone did a terrific job but the guys giving the quarterback look were excellent."

Part of the problem with preparing for Tebow (other than the Broncos running some of the read option) is that there's not a ton of tape on him. He's only started six games (3-3) in the NFL but Haley told reporters he hasn't been watching tape on Tebow at Florida.

"We had a couple guys [watch Florida tape] to make sure we're not missing anything but I haven't watched Florida tape this week," Haley said. "I made sure I visited with all of our SEC guys and made sure again just kinda picking everybody's brain potential things we could see."

We'll see how it goes. Tebow's actually getting a little bit offantasy football hype this weekend.

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