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AFC West Over/Under: 9.5 Wins

We're halfway through the 2011 NFL season and in the AFC West we have four teams that are tied for first place with a 4-4 record and one team that's a game out at 3-5.

The AFC West is considered one of the worst divisions in the league this year -- not that I can blame them -- so we're thinking there will be just one playoff team from the division, whoever ends up winning it.

The over/under on the number of wins for whoever comes out of the AFC West is 9.5, according to That's probably where I would put it. I think someone hits nine wins, maybe even two teams, but predicting someone wins six of their last eight to get to 10 wins seems a little much right now given what we know.

So we put this up to a vote. Are you taking the over or the under?