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Get Your Chiefs Calendar Supporting Braden's Hope

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A few Kansas City Chiefs players are involved in a really neat organization called Braden's Hope, which is a foundation dedicated to bringing education and awareness for Childhood Cancer. The Braden's Hope website reads"....named for Braden Hofen, a courageous young warrior currently fighting relapsing neuroblastoma for which there is no known cure. His brave fight since 2007 is the inspiration behind our cause."

Braden's Mom, Deliece, is a cancer survivor herself and she, along with the rest of the foundation, have put together a really cool calendar featuring a few of your Kansas City Chiefs players. Each month is a picture of one of the little heroes along with a Chiefs player.

They made this incredibly touching video about the calendar, which you have to watch. And, if you're inclined, support the foundation by purchasing one of the calendars -- A Year Of HOPE --  by clicking here

After the jump, I have some more information on the work they're doing. If you're able, this is a wonderful way to contribute to the Chiefs community.

More on Braden's Hope:

Braden's mom was fighting stage 2 breast cancer at the same time Braden has been fighting his relapse. Awareness of and treatment options for her cancer compared to Braden's were drastically different and this showed the family that a change had to be made for our children just as has been done for breast cancer. Our goal is to create awareness and increase funding for the research so desperately needed to find cures for childhood cancers. Read Braden's story of hope at

And the Chiefs players involvement:

Featured players are:  Matt Cassel, Dustin Colquitt, Ryan Lilja, Derrick Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Ron Edwards, Trent Green, Jon McGraw, Andy Studebaker, Tamba Hali, Eddie Kennison, and Branden Albert.  Our Chiefs players were absolutely wonderful to our heroes during these photo shoots and created a memory for them and their families that cancer can never take away.  A huge thank you to each of those giving, wonderful men and to each of our hero families!