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Thursday Night Football Time: Raiders Or Chargers?

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The San Diego Chargers host the Oakland Raiders on NFL Network for the debut of Thursday Night Football for the 2011 season. The Chargers and Raiders are of course tied with our Kansas City Chiefs at 4-4 for first place in the AFC West so this game is of importance to us.

The question is, should Chiefs fans be rooting for the Raiders or Chargers? In theory, you should want the better team to lose so they're less of a threat down the stretch.

On the one hand, you should be rooting against the Raiders because of the possibility of Carson Palmer eventually playing like a competent quarterback who doesn't turn it over. Oakland has a lot of talent and their big defensive line usually causes the Chiefs trouble (even though it didn't a few weeks ago in Oakland). I can see the argument that we should want them to lose.

On the other hand you should be rooting against the Chargers because, over time, they've shown they're the best team in the division. And Philip Rivers can't continue playing this badly....right?

So who ya got tonight?