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Getting Back To Normal For The KC Chiefs

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According to head coach Todd Haley, one of the reasons the Kansas City Chiefs struggled last weekend was that he worked the team too hard in the lead up to the Miami Dolphins game. The players didn't express any issues with how the week went but Haley said in hindsight he would've taken it easier on them due to the emotional and physical toll the four-game winning streak took on them, particularly the last two division games.

So, now this week, the concern is whether the Chiefs can get back to normal. A couple of emotionally charged AFC West games, a short week and the Dolphins blowout loss, things have been a little different for the team lately.

"I think the energy was great out at practice today, eager to make corrections and get ready for another division opponent," Matt Cassel said Wednesday (via

"Even though I told them to get away," Haley said Wednesday (via, "recharge emotionally and physically at this halfway point and really tried to stress to stay away from the building, we had a bunch of guys in here lifting, getting treatment."

So it sounds like they're getting back to normal -- for a week at least. The Chiefs play Denver this weekend and then they'll be back to a funky schedule when they travel to New England for Monday Night Football.