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Grade The Kansas City Chiefs Performance Against The San Diego Chargers

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The Kansas City Chiefs did a lot of really good things against the San Diego Chargers and a couple of near-disastrous things as well. Overall, though, KC played well enough to win (and that Philip Rivers fumble helped, too).

So what's your grade for the Chiefs?

Things I liked: 82 yards and a touchdown for Jonathan Baldwin; Jackie Battle's runs on the final drive; Chiefs offense on third down; Tamba Hali; Derrick Johnson; Brandon Flowers; Chiefs offense in overtime; Kendrick Lewis; Romeo Crennel; Fast start

Things I didn't like: Rivers' 369 yards passing; Four turnovers; Third quarter; Nine penalties

I think my grade is going to come in right around a high B. The Chiefs had the lead or were tied for the entire game and jumped out to a 10-0 start, which was exactly what they needed. There was some offensive inconsistency throughout the second and third quarter but the Chiefs did enough to come out on top.

What's your grade?