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Here Are Your Front-Page And First Place Chiefs

Wake up, folks. It's not just any Tuesday morning -- it's the day after a Kansas City Chiefs win.

In case you thought you were dreaming, the Chiefs did indeed beat the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football last night. The game came down to the wire with Philip Rivers' fumble (which is what people will remember years down the road) and Matt Cassel and Co. driving down the field after that (which people won't remember years down the road). The Chiefs did some things well and others not so well.

It all felt so familiar. Like we've beat these Chargers before and woke up on Tuesday morning completely tired from the night.

Oh, wait. We have.

To get you caught up on one of the few days of the year when our Chiefs are the top sports story, we've collected a few of the front-page mentions for the Chiefs after the jump.