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Dwayne Bowe, Matt Cassel Lead The Chiefs Comeback Over Colts

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I almost can't believe I'm writing this but the Kansas City Chiefs have completed a 17 point comeback to defeat the Indianpolis Colts 28 to 24. After being down, 17-0, and then 24-7, the Chiefs' defense stepped up in the second half to shut out the Colts. Meanwhile, Matt Cassel and the Chiefs' offense was busy scoring 21 unanswered points. 

And I haven't even mentioned Jackie Battle, who played his best game as an NFL running back. Battle rushed 19 times for 119 yards, including a game clinching 22-yard run late in the fourth quarter. 

To all of the Matt Cassel nay-sayers out there, myself included, the Chiefs' quarterback had one of his best days. Cassel was 21/29 for 257 yards. And four touchdowns. Did I mention no interceptions? 

All you need to know about Dwayne Bowe's two touchdown, 128-yard day is captured in this video

Check out the game commentary here:

Lots of...umm...mood swings in those threads. But hey, the Chiefs won and did so in rather impressive fashion. Albeit against an 0-4 football team in the Colts but 17 points is 17 points in the NFL. 

Quick reactions to the Chiefs' win?