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Chiefs Vs. Colts: Beating Indy Is Unusual For KC

The Kansas City Chiefs don't beat the Indianapolis Colts very often. This isn't just a Peyton Manning thing -- Indy has been beating KC consistently since 1990.

Overall, the Chiefs and Colts have played each other 20 times and the Colts have own 13 of those contests. Since 1990, the Chiefs have just one of 11 games against the Colts. Somehow Indy went from playoff appearances under Jim Harbaugh right into the Manning era in 1998 so they haven't had a lot of down years in the last two decades.

Here are all the Chiefs-Colts games in the last 21 years

(Editor's note: And I just noticed Josh Looney's story at where he notes the Chiefs have never won in Indy. Wow!)

Three of those are playoff games -- Jan. 7, 1996, Jan. 11 2004 and Jan. 6, 2007. All one-and-dones for the Chiefs, as every playoff appearance since January 1994 has been. 

So it's a little personal for me against the Colts. I remember sitting in my parents living room when the kicker-who-shall-not-be-named just kept missing in the 1995-96 playoffs. I remember sitting in my brother's room in January 2004 as each side just kept scoring and scoring (Dante touchdown!) and scoring (Priest fumble!). And I remember sitting in my brother's apartment in KC watching, a week after the miracle that got the Chiefs into the playoffs, and seeing the worst run defense in the NFL, the Colts, stop LJ and the Chiefs.

Oh, yes, it's a little personal for me.

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