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Chiefs Vs. Colts: Taking The Optimistic Angle

If you've been reading AP for a while then you know I'm a pretty optimistic Kansas City Chiefs fan. Even after the 0-3 start, I had one goal for the Chiefs 2011 season: make the Halloween game against the San Diego Chargers meaningful. That comes in Week 8, at Arrowhead, on Monday Night Football.

It could be a huge game....only if the Chiefs win this week.

If KC can string together a win this week, they'll enter the bye week with extra time to prepare for the Oakland Raiders. Oakland plays Houston this weekend so, if they lose, they'll be entering the game on a two-game losing streak, against a Chiefs team with a two-game winning streak.

And if KC beats the Raiders, they enter what will be a very meaningful Halloween game against San Diego, sitting at 3-3.

Yeah, I know I just took a huge leap by wondering if a team that started 0-3 can string together three consecutive wins (and I'll probably be mocked for that) but that's the incredibly optimistic fan in me.

But that optimism will only remain if the Chiefs beat the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. If they win, we're feeling good for another two weeks. If they lose, then we're watching the games just look for progress for next year which, frankly, sucks.

When you only play 16 games, every game is a big one, but this one will determine how we view this team for a while.

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