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Dwayne Bowe's Interview On The Doug Gottlieb Show

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Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe made a rare national radio appearance with the Doug Gottlieb Show on Thursday and because it's so rare we've transcribed the entire thing. 

Bowe touches on a number of topics and, as usual, some of them will raise your eyebrows. He makes a comment about "carrying the team" that someone will surely blow out of proportion but, if you listen to the audio, it's not as juicy as it sounds.

The best line? He says Haley "definitely don't want no punks" on his team.

I'd encourage you to check out the audio here. Here's the transcript below. Gottlieb's questions are paraphrased but Bowe's answers are direct quotes.

Gottlieb: How'd it feel to get the first win?

Bowe: Oh my god, so good, it felt a whole block of cement off my shoulders.

Gottlieb: Kansas City is all Chiefs, right?

Bowe: Oh my gosh, it's everything. Red Friday, the whole town is painted red and they're getting at it. It's like the most football I've ever seen in my life.

Gottlieb: More so than LSU?

Bowe: It's just like a college town. It's not as big as LSU but, man, it's the same, they're on the same page. 

Gottlieb: What did you do on Sunday that you didn't do in previous weeks to win the game?

Bowe; Finish. Execute, definitely during the second half, capitalizing on their defense. Plus, you know, they threw me the ball so you'll always get a win that way.

Gottlieb: Is that the most important thing?

Bowe: It's not the No. 1 thing but it's a big thing.

Gottlieb: Is Jonathan Baldwin going to play?

Bowe: I'm not sure. He's been taking a few reps here and there but he needs to make sure it's 100 percent and I'm not sure what's his deal. He's been out there taking reps so hopefully he does.

Gottlieb: Some of the guys that were supposed to take the pressure off you have been injured. What's that been like for you personally?

Bowe: Personally, I just say God is good. These shoulders I got, I feel like I can take on anything, and I feel like I've been carrying this team since I've been here, so nothing new for me. It's just going out there executing whatever the play is called. I always feel like, I'm gonna be that guy, ever since LSU, the guy to carry the team and if you put the game on my shoulders I guarantee you I won't let you down so I've just been playing with that attitude. 

Gottlieb: How much different is the offense without Charlie Weis?

Bowe: The only thing different is we don't have the key guys. Charlie was a big part but the players is everything. Jamaal, Eric, Tony and those guys are down so our wide selection of plays is shortened and it's just me, you got Steve, but teams roll to us and put two and three guys on us so it's hard right now and we're still trying to figure out what can we do to move the ball down the field. Hopefully later on down the season, it's gonna change. Jonny will be back, both of us will be making plays, the running backs and Thomas will be breaking long runs and we'll be back in it.

Gottlieb: What happened with the Haley-Cassel altercation?

Bowe: I was in on that play, actually. I still don't know to this day what went on. I know they were yelling at each other. but they yell at each other at practice every day so that's nothing new. You just caught it on tape. That's all day.

Gottlieb: Haley yells at you and allows you to yell back, is that accurate?

Bowe: I don't know about yelling back at him but he definitely don't want no punks. He wants a guy to take control and that's how he feels he has to do it, so that's how he has to do it.

Gottlieb: Do you like that?

Bowe: I don't have a problem with with. I'm going to get the job done regardless, whether you tell me in a nice way or the way he does, I'm going to get the job done.

Gottlieb: Does Haley still have control of the locker room?

Bowe: I mean, every coach does but we still got the leaders on the team that's looking over the locker room. He's the head coach and he's going to be in whatever he wants to be in.

Gottlieb: Can you turn this thing around?

Bowe: We play each game by quarters, the first season is over. October is the second season so we're trying to go 3-1 in each quarter and hopefully that will get us in the playoffs. We don't look forward to the end of the season, we just go game-by-game, learn from our mistakes and try to win them. Everybody in the locker room, this team is so tight right now, especially having those two losses in the beginning, I think we needed that to bring us together to let us know that we were far behind with our OTAs and things like that but it takes the guys in the locker room to believe we can do it, andt hat's what we have to do.

Gottlieb: Better SEC defense: LSU or Alabama?

Bowe: C'mon, that's an insult. LSU all day.

Gottlieb: They booed Jordan Jefferson. No. 1 team in the country, and he gets booed?

Bowe: Fans are gonna be fans but true fans that are in the stands didn't boo. You're still going to have your select few that do that but as long as he gets back and makes plays they'll forget that.

Gottlieb: Can Missouri compete in the SEC?

Bowe: I think they have a chance. They're very exposive, their offense is good. You need that in the SEC. I don't konw about that defense but that offense was pretty good and I think they can contend.

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