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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

Wow, finally a week in which there is some pretty good news.  It is about time we got a win!  All things are looking pretty good for another win this week.  I predicted a 3-2 start but I'll take a 2-3 over a 1-4.  I had a pretty good week overall.  Next week I get my daughters pictures taken.  Enough about me!  How was your week?  Yes, I'm talking to everyone that is reading this right now.

There was some pretty good news as I stated above.  If you want to find out what Chiefs player receives an award, who was added to the practice squad, and why the Colts were a favorite a year ago then please jump along.

Five Biggest Stories

1.  Chiefs Drop Vikings For First Win Of The Season

I wish that I could re-cap every week starting out with a win.  I just wish it was in a little bit better fashion.  Our defense I'm completely happy with outside of some depth in places.  Our offense needs to help more.  I know Charles has big shoes to fill but people need to step up.  Let's hope that Battle can show some signs of life to revamp this offense.  We also need Cassel to be more consistent.

2.  Chiefs K Ryan Succop Is AFC’s Special Teams Player Of The Week

I could be wrong but I do believe this is the first NFL weekly award for any Chiefs player.  Succop deserves it for pretty much winning the game for us.  He had a lot of criticism to deal with and job security pressure.  I just hope he doesn't get to comfortable again and start missing.  Let's all congratulate Mr. Irrelevant.

3.  Chiefs Add A Running Back To The Practice Squad

I'm surprised that we didn't add a running back sooner than this.  We released OL Butch Lewis to make room for RB Shane Draugh.  I don't know much about Shane but he did look impressive on his combine video.  Let's hope that we found a diamond in the rough.

4.  Kansas City Chiefs October 2011 Approval Poll: Todd Haley

A lot of people are starting to doubt Haley based on team preparedness on the first couple of games.  Some are even voting down based on the screaming match with Cassel on the sidelines.  I am a big supporter of Haley and always have been.  He made a few mistakes but what coach hasn't?  Haley's lowest approval was in December in 2009 with a 48%.  It is looking like this month it will stay at 57%.

5.  Chiefs Thursday Injury Report Has Three Players Again

The injury report for the Chiefs only have three players again.  Wow, that is crazy especially when the Colts have 12 13 a million injuries.  Cooper seemed to have an illness which didn't keep him sidelined all that long.  Baldwin of course might or might not play this week.  McGraw is still injured but practice in full yesterday.  So overall we are one of the healthiest team in the NFL.

In Case You Missed It...

1.  Kansas City Chiefs MVPs Through The First Month

Wow, crazy that one month is over with already.  I agree with Joel and company that Bowe, Hali, and Houston should get the awards.  I have a felling that these three are going to make multiple appearances on these types of posts.  Hali and Bowe should have career days against the Colts this Sunday.

2.  Matt Cassel Sparks The Chiefs At Halftime

This is the type of leadership that I know Matt Cassel has had the whole time!  He might have the biggest arm or be the most accurate QB but he is a leader.  I just wish his measurables caught up to his heart.  He should have a big game against the Colts.

Fanpost Of The Week

Cassel vs Haley –What the camera didn’t show by RrustyDawg

Wow, just wow.  Everyone thank Rrusty for reporting this.  He didn't have to pay attention to this single aspect on the sidelines nor have to write about it.  This gives us another perspective on what happened.  I think the media has blown it way out of proportion and I'm getting sick of hearing about it.  Yes, that means you too Jack Harry.

Fanshot Of The Week

Dwayne Bowe Blocking by bfett81

I don't always agree with bfett but he does make some of the best videos.  This is one of my favorites recently of Bowe laying the wood down against a Vikings linebacker.  If you haven't seen it then click on the link!

A Year Ago Today...

NFL Week 5 Picks: Colts Fans Aren’t Picking The Chiefs (unsurprisingly)

We are playing the Colts on week 5 for the second year in a row.  Last year, not too many people were picking the Chiefs.  We did hold Manning in check for the most part which was good.  We lost but we weren't out of the game until late in the last quarter.  This year not too many people are picking the Colts.  It is crazy how the tide has turned.

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