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Poll Says Chiefs Are Third Least Popular Team In The NFL

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The Dallas Cowboys are once again America's most popular NFL team, according to a poll from Harris interactive. The poll, which surveyed 2,462 people online, was conducted between September 12-19 this year.

The Cowboys are tops followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and Chicago Bears.

The Kansas City Chiefs?


KC is only ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars (32nd) and Cincinnati Bengals (31st). 

The Jaguars and Bengals have had consistent problems selling out their stadiums over the last few years while KC, whose attendance has definitely dropped, has had just one blackout in the last two decades. So...there's that.

If we were to look at this through SB Nation's web traffic, the results would be a little different. Of the blogs SB Nation has for every team in all four major sports, Arrowhead Pride is ranked....

No. 1.