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Chiefs Vs. Colts: Another Pair Of Defensive Ends

Entering last week's game against the Minnesota Vikings, one of the story lines was stopping the defensive ends -- both Jared Allen and Brian Robison. Considering some of the Kansas City Chiefs offensive struggles, stopping those guys was very important and, for the most part, the offensive line did a solid job protecting QB Matt Cassel.

The same philosophy will have to be taken into the Indianapolis Colts game as DE Dwight Freeney and DE Robert Mathis are a pair of the best defensive ends in football. Chiefs coach Todd Haley said Wednesday that they're two of the best defensive ends you'll ever see paired together.

Cassel talked about the next set of defensive ends facing KC.

"You look at the two teams and how they actually try to schematically come after you and they try to create pressure with those front four and this is a team that does much of the same with (Dwight) Freeney and (Robert) Mathis, and those guys are two of the best in the game at what they do," Cassel said on Wednesday (via

"Again, the offensive line did such an outstanding job last week of really being able to block those guys and give me time to throw and I'm sure that they'll be up for the challenge again this week."

LT Brandon Albert was fired up after last week's game because he played a solid 60 minutes, which he'll need again this week. That goes for the right side of the line, too.

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