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Former Chiefs' Brodie Croyle, Brad Cottam Getting Workouts

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A pair of former Kansas City Chiefs players are getting workouts around the league. 

QB Brodie Croyle's contract was up and did not re-sign with the Chiefs this offseason. He joined the Arizona Cardinals for a week when injuries struck and also had a workout with the Indianapolis Colts last week. 

This week, he worked out with the Miami Dolphins, according to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora. It's actually the second time he's worked out for the Dolphins this year. The Chiefs play the Dolphins and it very well could be someone other than QB Chad Henne back there as the Dolphins continue to wait to hear about the injury to his non-throwing shoulder.

(Editor's note: Desperate for a QB and you turn to Croyle before QB David Garrard? Yikes!)

Another former Chief, TE Brad Cottam, got a workout recently with the New York Jets. He suffered a neck injury in the 2009 season, spent the 2010 season on IR and never played for the Chiefs again. KC released him at the end of July.

The Chiefs play both the Dolphins and Jets this year so it's possible we see one of these guys down the road.