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NFL Power Rankings: Media Edition

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It is that time of the week again, where we explore what the mainstream media thinks of our beloved Kansas City Chiefs. Each week we examine the rankings of several respected football sites and we compare them to see where we stand, as well as our AFC West counterparts.

The last few weeks have not been that exciting in this column, save for the guessing games we have played to see who gave us the best ranking that was not 32. This week that changes after our victory over the Minnesota Vikings and it will be interesting to see if we gained any ground across the board. If you are a regular reader of this column then you know I like surprises, so let's see if we have moved up anywhere!

As I mentioned, we have been ranked very low recently and for good reason. 0-3 will do that sometimes I think, but I also think some of the outlets were a little more nasty about it than they could have been. Nonetheless, let's find out who was impressed and who wasn't by our recent win.


Fox Sports: I take it that even if there were an opening at HC, Brian Billick would NOT be interested. We lead off with Billick who has us up one gigantic spot to #31 on the list. Says Billick, "Still can't move them ahead of the winless Colts, Dolphins and Rams." You can't? Really? Well, hopefully a win next week will get us up to 30. The Broncos moved down a spot to 27 while the Raiders fell three spots to #20. The Chargers hold their spot at #5 and Billick thinks they can wrap up the division over the next few weeks. Right.

Football Outsiders: Can't argue with the numbers, as their program has us at 31 also. Actually, in the early weeks they still factor in preseason a bit, so yes we can argue a little. Interestingly they have us as the 2nd best defensive unit in the West, behind San Diego. Don't tell Hue Jackson, whatever you do! Speaking of Hue, I find it comical that our coach is consistently called egotistical by his own fan base, but Hue Jackson seems to get a free pass. Weird. Speaking of the Fighting Jacksons, they are at 19 this week, while the Broncos are at 26 and the Chargers are at 12.


Pro Football Talk: If you have given PFT a shred of attention this year, you would see that they have made a mockery of the team at any chance they get. Which is exactly why it must have killed them to raise us four spots to #28 this week. I envision like a special meeting that had to take place early this morning, as desperate writers pleaded with their editor to allow them to keep the Chiefs in the 30's for at least one more week. Justice prevailed and upward and onward the Chiefs will march. The Donkeys are down two to #26, the Raiders dropped five spots to #15, and the Chargers stay put at #7. I love the comment about San Diego though: " The combined record of the teams the Chargers have beaten is 1-11. And that justifies putting the Chargers closer to 11 than one." Perhaps that could account for the "fast start".

ESPN: ESPN, that wily temptress, is giving us that look again. The look like she is ready to have us skyrocket next week if we win again. For now though we will take the four spot leap to #28 in the rankings. If we beat the Colts, I am calling 21 for us next week at ESPN. Meanwhile, we creep up behind the Broncos who fell to 27th and the Raiders fell to 15th. The Chargers are in the top 10 at number 7. With three road games coming up, ESPN also sees an opportunity for San Diego to wrap things up quickly.

THE LJ'S (aka "The 27ers")

CBS Sports: I am not a huge fan of their rankings typically, and this week is no exception. Not because they disregard the Chiefs, who they have at 27, but because they like to be cool and trendy. (See also: last week Buffalo 3rd, this week Washington 8th) But I will accept their generosity in that they actually have us ahead of the Broncos, who come in at 28th. Regarding the Broncos, CBS says, "It's hard to blame the quarterback for the defensive woes. Can Tebow play linebacker?" No he cannot. And since he can't play QB either, I don't know what's next for him. The Raiders took a big fall, down seven spots to 17th and the Chargers move up a spot to #5. Seriously, there is no way the Chargers are a top 5 team right now. None.

National Football Post: NFP gives the Chiefs some props by bumping them up five spots to 27th. Just when you start to feel good about the jump they add, "Hey, a win for the Chiefs—but let’s not start planning any parades." Why not? I think it would be a great idea. Good excuse to call out of work, fun time, food/drink, etc. I'm down with parades after every victory, but I digress. Los Broncos drop one spot to 26th, the Raiders stay at #12 somehow, and the Chargers are up two to #7. Apparently, the Oakland defense doesn't factor into the rankings this week. PS Steven Ridley still hasn't been tackled yet.

Walter Football: Walter continued to give the Chiefs more love than usual and this week has them rising three spots to 27th. He delivers a short an not funny commentary on the Haley/Cassel incident, but at this point who hasn't chimed in? The Broncos come in at number 25 and Walter delivers a decent idea regarding the Tebow situation, but it's one I cannot print here. So go check that out when you have time. Walter also has Oakland unmoved at 13th and yet again he keeps the Chargers out of the Top 10 at #11. Good for Wally.

SB Nation: Last and certainly not least, our very own SB Nation. Joel has put together another good rankings set and bumps the Chiefs up three spots to #27. Now I don't want to scare anyone who roots daily for the Chiefs to fail and secure a good draft pick, but Joel adds, "Believe it or not, they can make the AFC West interesting with games coming up against Indy and Oakland". Joel, are you serious? You want the Chiefs to WIN GAMES?!? Insanity, but he's right. Moving on, the Broncos actually move up a spot to 26th and the Raiders tumbled four spots to 19th. Rounding out the AFC West, the Chargers storm up six spots to #6.

Well, there you have it for another week. The Chiefs saw improvement pretty much right across the spectrum, but certainly a long way to go for our boys. Let's hope next week we can be close to the top 20! Have a great week and stayed tuned for the AP edition of the Power Rankings which comes out every Thursday!

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