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Chargers Vs. Chiefs: Monday Night Football Story Lines

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Mike Tirico, one of tonight's ESPN announcers for the Monday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers, went on the Danny Parkins Show on 610 Sports this morning and listed all the story lines for tonight.

"The 0-3 start," Tirico told Parkins on 610 Sports this morning, "the chance to be tied for the division, the opponent being one of the hated AFC West teams, the way the team has played, what happened here on Monday night last year, the fact that the whole country is watching. You're the only game in this slot."

Pretty much covers it, right? Smaller story lines will emerge like the use of Jackie Battle, Dwayne Bowe's dominance and the realization that a win tonight, with games coming up against the combined-two-win Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos, and the Chiefs become players in the AFC West.

But there's one more story line that Tirico gets right (in my opinion).

"And the most important part of this entire thing: people believe in the Chiefs again, which they did last year making the playoffs. Lost some of that belief early in the season, at least in my opinion, early in the season with the 0-3 start. 

"You're seeing the signs that they can be an extra advantage, as a crowd, to that team tonight."

This is your five hour countdown to the game.

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