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Kansas City Chiefs Stat Of The Day

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We've been talking a lot about turnovers as we preview the Kansas City Chiefs Monday Night Football matchup with the San Diego Chargers. For my money, the turnover ratio is the most important stat for the Chiefs (other than points scored, of course) because when they win the turnover ratio, we can just about guarantee the game will be close and when they lose the turnover battle it's often not a good thing KC.

Turnovers are what stung the Chiefs in the first two weeks of the season as they gave the ball to the opponent a whopping nine times and it's a key stat we're focusing on as we prepare for San Diego because they've lost the turnover battle in five of six games this year.

So, yeah, turnovers are important. Josh Looney of wrote a story this morning talking about Kevin Ross' induction into the Chiefs Hall of Fame and included this nugget, which is almost unbelievable:

Heading into the 2011 season, the Chiefs still owned the NFL's best turnover ratio dating back to the 1990 season with a plus 169 mark, ranking 66 turnovers better than Pittsburgh's second-place showing of 103.


Let's hope history repeats itself tonight.

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