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Chargers Vs. Chiefs: 12 Hour Countdown To Gametime

It. Is. Finally. Here.

The Kansas City Chiefs will be hosting the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football in what's turning out to be a huge game within the AFC West. The Chiefs, 3-3, are hoping to secure a share of first place (technically, with tie breakers, the only top share of first place) while the Chargers, 4-2, hope to further their division lead. Oakland is hanging around at 4-3, too.

So we have the possibility of a three-way tie in the AFC West at the halfway point. That sounds about right.

We've been talking Chargers-Chiefs all week. It all feels similar to last year when we were bracing for this game before Week 1. Check out all of our MNF stories from last year's game but there are a few that stood out to me:

Read those over and get ready for tonight. It's only....12 (!!) hours away. Dang.

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