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Vikings Vs. Chiefs: The Best And The Worst

Off. The. Schneid.

Rejuvenated and it feels so good. The Kansas City Chiefs were able to melt the "Suck For Luck" snowball that had been gaining momentum throughout the tumultuous first month of the season. It was very clear to me, being at the game, that Chiefs Nation was collectively not ready to embrace this unorthodox, far-sighted campaign. The Arrowhead crowd was loud and proud yesterday.

However, that might've been fueled by how much purple was out there. I couldn't believe it. Who knew the Vikings had fans? It certainly made for a weird tailgating experience. I usually like to razz the opposing fans a little bit as I'm pounding my B & G's, but the sheer number of them eliminated any and all hostility. It was like I was sharing my home with them and had no say in the matter. Eventually, I just accepted it. Maybe I'm going soft. However, I was still able to round up this number…

Best Vikings heckle - "39 yards." It's informed, straight to the point, and they know exactly what you're referencing. At that point, they've been had.

Should be plenty of "Bests" to get to this week, and none of them will be named Jahvid. Let's get it…

The Best and Worst w/ His Dirkness:

Worst preseason ever - The 2011 Kansas City Chiefs. My biggest takeaway from this game was that the Chiefs really aren't that bad of a team. They just royally screwed up the preseason, and the entire organization was completely unprepared to play the first two weeks of the season (and it's hard to succeed when you give away two games in the NFL). I understand that this was only a victory over a winless team, but ask yourself this: If the Chiefs played Buffalo or Detroit next week, would they get blown out? I say no. I think they'd be very competitive. This has to fall on Todd Haley's shoulders. I don't understand what the motivation was to treat the preseason differently than everybody else in the NFL, other than trying to show he's smarter than the rest of the league. I'm not saying this is a fireable offense (as long as the lesson was learned), but it is one of the bigger knocks on his tenure with the Chiefs.

Best thing to happen to Matt Cassel - Brouhaha with Coach Haley. He was a different quarterback following the scuffle. I watched it multiple times in an attempt to figure out the nature of the argument, but the best I could come up with was Cassel definitely saying something that rhymed with "wussy." I would guess that Haley called Cassel a (w)ussy for bailing on a broken play so quickly, and Cassel was seen repeating it. However, another part of me thinks the ordeal might have been initiated by Cassel (he could be seen screaming immediately following the play), and he was pissed because the Chiefs refused to even give him a chance with their, ahem, selective playcalling. He might feel the walls crumbling down around him, and wants his shot to prove himself. This is a good thing to see. You atleast want him going down with a fight (the anti-Brodie Croyle's approach). Whatever the case, those fisticuffs seemed to have lit a spark under Cassel, leading to his rah-rah speech in the locker room at halftime.

Worst conclusion to reach - "Maybe the Chiefs can succeed with Matt Cassel at quarterback." He is serviceable. He can lead the Chiefs to the playoffs and nothing more. This team is still in need of a franchise quarterback, and won't be serious contenders for the top prize until they find one.

Best sideline reporter ever - Tim Brewster. That dude was all fired up before the game. "Are you hungry, or ARE YOU STARVING?" I thought he might conclude his report with the Rob Riggle scream, commonly seen on Arrow-vision.

Best mathematical formula - Haley + beard = win. The easiest way to succeed in life is to grow a beard. This is what worked last season, and this is what has been missing this year. It's science.

Best coaching maneuver - Starting Donald Washington over Sabby Piscitelli. I'd start Washington over Jon McGraw. I want nothing to do with Piscitelli Primavera or McGrawnolds.

Best kept secret - Branden Albert is having himself a banner season. Make no mistake about the completely deceptive stat line of Jared Allen (two sacks, one on a scramble, the other for no loss - how is that a sack?), Albert dominated the former Chief in their ironic matchup (Albert was the player selected with the Vikings draft choice). The Chiefs offensive line, my biggest worry before the season, has surpassed expectations and are led by their left tackle. Now can we please stop talking about moving him to guard?

Best way to beat the Chiefs defense - Spread the field and run. Romeo Crennel loves his nickel subpackage. He wants to get those three safeties in the game. He wants a defensive line consisting of Wallace Gilberry and Allen Bailey. Unfortunately, the opponent loves to see that subpackage as well (BJ Kissel does a great job of highlighting this in his weekly video breakdowns). The Vikings aren't the type of team to spread the field, which was a big factor in the defense playing so well on Sunday.

Worst in-stadium argument - When fans get upset about other fans standing. I don't understand how people can attend a game and expect to sit the entire time. It's a football game! Arrowhead Stadium is the epitome of excitement for me, and nothing frustrates me more than being told to sit down. I cannot act rational around people who disagree with me on this matter.

Best redemption - The Chiefs getting an INT on a screen pass. Maybe THAT was the turning point for Matty Nice?

Worst halftime highlights - Arrowhead's video scoreboard. "Lets take a look at what's happening around the league" was the announcement made at halftime. Two Bears highlights was the result. Yippee.

Best rivalry renewed - Adrian Peterson vs. Derrick Johnson. For the second week in a row, the Chiefs front seven played admirably, holding Adrian Peterson to only 3.5 yards a carry. DJ was especially impressive, making play after play in the backfield. He was probably the second best player on the field, trailing only...

Best player on the field - Tamba Hali. Not only was he harassing Donovan McNabb all game long (finishing with two sacks and five QB hits), but he was stout against the run as well (tied for team lead with seven tackles with two tackles for loss). Muhammad Hali.

Best name drop - Kirby Dar Dar. Wowwww.

Best jersey sighting - Jim Miller Chicago Bears jersey circa 2001. There were Chiefs fans, there were Vikings fans, and then there were fans rooting for a Jim Miller comeback.

Best bar room debate - Is there a better chance of the Kansas City Chiefs making the playoffs or earning the #1 pick this season? I understand neither is likely. But their division seems weak once again, and they could face a big game in Oakland if they're able to win in Indianapolis next week. Or they could lose next week and be right back in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

I did it. I made it through the entire post and didn't once mention Visanthe Shiancoe's anatomy. I feel like I deserve a prize. Go Chiefs!

His Dirkness

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