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Chiefs' Attendance Numbers Take A Jump In Vikings Game

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And here I thought the Kansas City Chiefs would be on blackout watch.

Prior to the Chiefs Week 4 game against the Minnesota Vikings, we checked on the progress of ticket sales for the game. Given the state of the team (0-3 at the time), and some of the frustration we've seen from fans, I figured attendance could be a problem.


The attendance was actually good. Really good, in fact. The Chiefs announced attendance was 72,931, which seemed high to me.

I checked the records and, indeed, that's a very big number compared to recent years. It's actually the biggest attendance number since the Chiefs drew 73,689 in a Week 16 home game against the Miami Dolphins on December 21, 2008.

Save two games in Denver and one in Washington, it's the fourth highest attendance for a Chiefs game -- home or away -- since December 2008. Even higher than the Week 1 Monday Night Football game against the San Diego Chargers last year.

There were definitely more than a few purple jerseys in the crowd but the Chiefs gave the KC crowd reason to stick around through the fourth quarter, something they haven't done in the last few home games.

If the Chiefs can string together a few wins -- knock on wood -- then the next home game, Halloween night against the Chargers, becomes a lot more interesting.

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