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Donovan McNabb Says Chiefs Were 'Stout' Against Vikings Run Game

We may have to get our resident defensive guru, Kalo Phoenix, to do his defensive breakdown early this week because I'm very interested to see how the Kansas City Chiefs defense graded out after Sunday's victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

The Chiefs defense gave up 151 yards on 30 carries for about five yards per carry. That's hardly an All-Pro performance but they did accomplish their No. 1 goal heading into this game: keep Adrian Peterson in check. Peterson finished the game with 80 yards on 23 carries for less than four yards per carry, which includes a 14-yard run so, on 22 carries, the Chiefs held him to 66 yards.

"They did a great job trying to stop the run," Donovan McNabb said after the game. "They brought seven, eight in the box sometimes." McNabb said they tried to pass to open the run a little more but the Chiefs were "stout" against the run throughout the game.

Save a pair of 23-yard end arounds by Percy Harvin, the Chiefs kept the Vikings running game in check, which was a huge goal entering the game.

If the Chiefs can beat the Indianapolis Colts next week -- big if, I know -- they'll need their best run defense performance of the season against the Oakland Raiders in Week 7. 

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