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Turnovers Are Priority For Chargers And Chiefs On Monday Night Football

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There are a couple of keys for the San Diego Chargers against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday NIght Football at Arrowhead Stadium but one of them stands out. We talked with Bolts From The Blue to get the lowdown on what the Chargers want to do Monday night and turnovers came up.

Just like KC, turnovers are a big topic of conversation in San Diego. The Chargers are -5 in the turnover differential on the season and have given it away at least two times in five of their six games this year (!!). So when I asked Bolts From The Blue the biggest key to the game for the Chargers, the answer was obvious.

"Same answer every week, no matter who the opponent is," John Gennaro said. "If the Chargers win the turnover battle, they'll win the game. They have won the turnover battle just once in six games this year."

What's interesting is that the Chargers can indeed lose the turnover battle and still win the game -- they've done that in three of their four wins this year. For the Chiefs, I'd go with Todd Haley who says the Chiefs' chances of winning fall dramatically once they starting losing the turnover battle.

The Chiefs won the turnover battle last time these two teams played but still lost. I think to have a shot in this game, they'll need to win it again.

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