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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

It's another Friday and we are coming off of a dominating win against our rivals the Raiders and approaching the biggest game of the year for the Chiefs. We are now 1-1 in the division looking to go 2-1, and if we win Monday night we'll be tied for first place in the AFC West, something that most of us thought impossible after the first three games.  I'll have to DVR the start of the game though since I'll be taking my daughter trick or treating and, hopefully, I won't hear the score before I get to watch the game.

There were quite a few good stories this week along with some nice FanPosts -- I probably could have made two posts breaking down the top ones.  Jump along if you think you missed something.  I also added something special this week.

Five Biggest Stories

1.  Chiefs Crush Raiders 28-0 To Win Their Third Game In A Row

Just imagine if our offense played as well as our defense.  The score probably could have been doubled.  I am always happy when we beat a division rival.  It just adds icing on the cake when we complete dominate them.  The next meeting shouldn't be as easy the Chiefs are at home then.

2.  Chiefs’ Brandon Flowers Hauls In AFC Defensive Player Of The Week Award

Brandon Flowers is looking back on form after a horrible start.  I wonder just how much his high ankle sprain affected him?  He is also classy saying he would share the award with DJ.  I think he should also share the award with the rest of the defense along with the coaching staff.  It was an amazing defensive effort!

3.  Kansas City Chiefs Bring Back Anthony Becht

FB Shane Bannon was placed on the practice squad injured list.  WR Jeremy Horne was waived.  Becht fills up our 53 man roster after healing up from a hamstring injury.  He spent some time with the Chiefs during training camp and the season thus far.  So he will be a welcome addition to the team.

4.  Less Than 24 Hours Later, Jeremy Horne Is Back With The Chiefs

Well Joel was right!  Nobody signed Horne so he is back on the Chiefs with the practice squad.  Horne has potential but buried behind a pretty good WR group.  I wish him the best of lucky going forward with this franchise.

5.  Chiefs’ Conditioning Becoming An Area Of Strength

We are now starting to see Haley's genius work.  It makes me happy seeing 1-3 Chiefs players on the injury report when I look over to see our opponents' injury report include 10+.  We might have lost the first couple of games due to conditioning but in the long run it is going to work in our advantage.  We seem to be faster and tougher in the 2nd half of games.  We will see how this works out on Monday.

In Case You Missed It...

1.  Get Your Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl Votes In

You know you want to vote a million times for every Chiefs player on the list!  I have a feeling that a few of our players will make it.  I'll say that Bowe has the best chance out of anyone.  Flowers might if he doesn't regress back to where he was during the start of the season.  Derrick Johnson should make it but he doesn't get "sexy" numbers.  Am I a Chiefs homer if I voted for Leonard Pope?

2.  Monday Night Football Bringing Some More Attention To KC Chiefs

The Chiefs are on National T.V. for the first time this year during the regular season.  The next two prime time games are against the Patriots on Monday Night 11/21 and the Steelers on Sunday Night 11/27.  So we need to destroy the Chargers because the Chiefs will be in the spotlight.  The Patriots game will be tough.  The Steelers game is very winnable.

Fanpost Of The Week

Derrick Johnson Saves Five Touchdowns In A Row, Destroys Raiders by Clay Wendler

This really shouldn't be a surprise since it has a million recs and for good reason--it's just awesome!  Derrick Johnson was in pure beast mode.  If you can't take pure ownage then don't click on the link.  Beware!

Fanshot Of The Week

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 7 –CBSSports by Seth_C

Thank you Seth_C for giving us the link for a very cool story!  I know most of us probably wouldn't have found this.  Click on the link to read pure awesomeness!

Comment Of The Week

This is something new that I promised you above.

The Chiefs just had a bye…I’m not for Haley patting himself on the back every chance he ever ….ill be the first to say good job if something he does specifically merits it…till then wtf ever………beards, hats ,cornhole, lil Wayne concerts ; wtf ever…


A Year Ago Today...

Kansas City Chiefs Have Yet To Give Up Points Off Of Turnovers

This was just an amazing stat at that point last year.  This was mainly because the other teams hardly had chances to score off of turnovers because we never turned the ball over.  We are starting to see this form again.  Let's hope we can take care of the ball going forward.  Go Chiefs!

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