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Chiefs Super Bowl Odds Entering Week 8 (No, Really)

The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl odds currently sit at 200/1 odds, according to They were at 300/1 last week so this is actually a step up for the Chiefs.

I bring up the Chiefs Super Bowl odds because someone alerted me to a good story about a guy at Lucky's in Las Vegas who bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl a few weeks ago when they were 0-3.

(Yes, a few weeks ago a guy betting $400 on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl was actually news.)

For the math-challenged, that means the gambler received 500-to-1 odds on the future wager. That's the highest in the league by far - only one other team is more than 250-to-1 - and 10 times what the Chiefs opened at this season.

The team with the second-worst future odds at Lucky's, the 0-3 Minnesota Vikings who are listed at 300-to-1, visits Kansas City Sunday in a matchup that seriously threatens to feature horrifyingly bad football.

I'm not saying the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl but it's funny now to see what people (and us) thought of them just three weeks ago.

(H/T @beyondthebets)

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