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NFL Picks, Week 8: Chiefs Getting Some Hype For Monday Night Football

I've noticed this season that Pro Football Talk has taken a few shots at the Kansas City Chiefs, especially in their picks section the first seven weeks of the season. (To be fair, they take shots at all bad teams and the Chiefs were a bad team for much of the year.)

But now that the Chiefs have won three in a row, and the San Diego Chargers have shown they can fall apart, the Chiefs are becoming a trendy pick to win in Week 8.

Both Mike Florio and Gregg Rosenthal pick the Chiefs to beat the Chargers on Monday Night Football. Florio says 27-21 in favor of the Chiefs and Rosenthal rolls with KC at 26-21.

Check out PFT's picks here.

The Chiefs have to be careful not to buy into the hype, which is something I'm sure Todd Haley is on top of. And, I'd also add, that I can't believe we're talking about the Chiefs not buying into the hype considering how we felt about this team throughout September.

(H/T kc571)

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