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Priest Holmes Makes The Rounds

Former Kansas City Chiefs RB Priest Holmes is making the media rounds today promoting the "Kraft Fight Hunger" program he's involved with. (More info on that here.) Priest was on here in KC with Nick Wright of 610 Sports (Update: and 810 WHB in KC) and immediately after on SiriusXM and after listening to both interviews, I came away with a couple observations.

First, this guy is a salesman. Both Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan mentioned he could sell just about anything. Again, because Priest said so, here's the obligatory mention of Kraft Fight Hunger's Facebook page

Second, on a couple of occasions he said "we" when talking about the Chiefs before quickly correcting himself to "they". He knows he's still a Chief. 

And, speaking of being a Chief for a long time, Nick Wright opened with a really good question: When is he going into the Chiefs Hall of Fame?

"You know what," Priest said, "that's something that is actually decided on without my ballot. Because if it had my ballot, I would have already elected myself to go into the Chiefs Hall of Fame. It's something I'm pretty sure is right around corner. It just takes a few of those board members to kind of find out what's important to them and select me to be in there."

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