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Kansas City Chiefs Make A Pair Of Roster Moves

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The Kansas City Chiefs announced a pair of roster moves on Tuesday night around 9:30 p.m., which is after I had already gone to bed, further proving the new house and engagement in the last month is turning me into an old man far too soon. (Got a nice little Saturday planned either way.)

The Chiefs announced they've waived WR Jeremy Horne and placed FB Shane Bannon on the practice squad injured list.

All players released after the trade deadline hit the waiver wire so every team will have a chance at Horne but he's unlikely to be claimed. Instead, I wouldn't be surprised to see him re-signed to the practice squad later this week (but that's just me guessing).

Horne wasn't active on Sunday as WR Jonathan Baldwin made his NFL debut so that could help explain this move. He's been active for six NFL games and hasn't recorded a catch. He's one of those guys who's on the roster largely due to special teams.

Bannon, the Chiefs seventh round pick, has been waived and re-signed a couple times this season.

So, for now, the Chiefs have a couple of open spots on the team. Any players out there looking for work?

(H/T KcChiefsfan506)

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