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Get Your Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl Votes In

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Pro Bowl voting has!

The Kansas City Chiefs have a page set up at where you can easily vote players for the Pro Bowl and, more specifically, easily vote Kansas City Chiefs players for the Pro Bowl.

Someone asked me earlier today on Twitter who is worthy of a Pro Bowl spot through the first six games. Considering the first two games were so awful for everyone, I could only come up with a couple -- Derrick Johnson and Dwayne Bowe.

Todd Haley called DJ's game last weekend against the Oakland Raiders one of the best he's ever seen. He had a very good 2010 season and his improvement has continued in 2011. He was clearly worth the big contract extension he got last year.

Bowe has been the most important part of the Chiefs passing attack and his value to the Chiefs isn't totally seen in the box score through six games -- 29 receptions, 496 yards and four touchdowns. The problem is that we're in a huge passing year so receivers are putting up massive numbers. Bowe ranks 22nd in receptions, 10th in yards and tied for eighth in touchdowns.

Maybe a few others will come up along the way but for now I think those two have the best shot.

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