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Chiefs' Conditioning Becoming An Area Of Strength

The Kansas City Chiefs preseason and training camp was a unique time, to say the least. The Chiefs treated the preseason differently than others by focusing more on conditioning and early in the season that (and a few injuries) seemed to come back and bite the Chiefs.

It seems that the Chiefs conditioning helped them out on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. Todd Haley pointed specifically to that point as one of the reasons the Chiefs came out on top.

"...I was proud of our team, the work that they've put in and the conditioning that once again clearly showed up on all sides of the ball to me. I know our guys were coming off the field offensively and defensively saying ‘Come on, come on, they're fading. Let's go.'"

We're obviously two different seasons here. There was the first 10 quarters of the season -- against the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and the first half against San Diego -- and then the rest of the season.

The next test at outlasting the opponent comes on Monday night so the Chiefs have an extra day to prepare for the San Diego Chargers.

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