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Chiefs Game Ball Of The Week Goes To...


We've already asked our readers to grade the Kansas City Chiefs performance over the Oakland Raiders and surprisingly (to me) nearly half of you gave it a B (49 percent) and not an A (45 percent). That surprised me a little bit, to be honest, considering the score (not that I can't see the justification for grading a B, because I can).

So with that out of the way, it's time to hand out the game ball of the week. As expected in a 28-0 victory, there are several candidates. My top four candidates for the game ball is Brandon Flowers, Kendrick Lewis, Derrick Johnson, Jackie Battle and Dwayne Bowe.

I think we can add a couple of coaches to that list as well. Emmitt Thomas, for coaching a secondary that yielded six picks and two touchdowns and Todd Haley, for leading the Chiefs back from 0-3 to .500. Impressive stuff.

I know who mine is going to -- Flowers. From two picks to one touchdown to the pose in front of hundreds of angry Raiders fans flipping him off -- it was great. Plus, it makes it even better considering what happened in last year's game. I also think there's a strong, strong argument for DJ, and some of the others.

OK, so those are your game ball candidates. Who ya got?

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