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Chiefs Beat Raiders: Five Bad Stats

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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders 28-0 on Sunday and we've already looked at five good stats from that game. (Note: I wrote in that story that the Raiders didn't have any kick or punt returns in the game but I was clearly wrong. Not sure what I was looking at there.)

With five good stats out of the way, here are five bad stats, which are easier to swallow after a loss.

50. Matt Cassel's completion percentage. He's sort of the victim of his own success lately. He had completed nearly 70 percent of his passes in the last three games and hasn't gone under 60 percent all season but on Sunday he was just 15-of-30. It wasn't a great day for Cassel (still, it could've been worse).

2. Matt Cassel interceptions. I bet the Chiefs lose eight of 10 games Cassel throws two picks. (And, to be fair, one pick came on a last second hail mary at the end of the first half that meant nothing) The Chiefs just can't turn the ball over and win very often. Todd Haley knows that and noted it in his postgame press conference. The interceptions meant nothing in this game but overall the Chiefs can't win very often with multiple turnovers.

99. Yards by Michael Bush. Whether it was Bush or Darren McFadden, the Chiefs knew they had to stop the Raiders running game. They stopped it enough -- especially that goal line stand -- but Bush was still able to put up 99 yards on 17 carries. 

19. Carries given to Dexter McCluster and Thomas Jones. Clearly this wasn't working very well -- they combined for 57 yards on these 19 carries. I hate to be this basic about it but McCluster just seems too small to take 10 or more carries in a game. Jones, on the other hand, seems to have the size but he seems about done in the league. Moving forward, Jackie Battle should have more carries than these two combined until he proves he can't handle it.

0. Players or coaches that talked trash to the Raiders in the media after the game. C'mon guys, not even a little trash talking? (Yes, I'm being sarcastic).

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