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Chiefs Beat Raiders: Five Good Stats

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The Kansas City Chiefs took care of business against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, 28-0, and with a shutout comes lots of good stats. The biggest stat of the game -- 6 -- is obvious.

Here are five good stats from the Chiefs' victory on Sunday.

6. Number of Chiefs interceptions. Clearly this is the stat of the game and something we probably won't see the Chiefs do again this season (or this decade). The key to this game was seeing how the Raiders quarterbacks would respond and they responded in miserable fashion, much to the delight of Chiefs fans. A few of the picks were the quarterback's fault and a few of them were the Chiefs defensive backs just making great plays.

21. Points off turnovers for the Chiefs. It's nice getting six turnovers but it doesn't really matter if you don't score off of them. The Chiefs had 14 points directly off turnovers via interceptions returned for a touchdown (nice work, Kendrick Lewis and Brandon Flowers) and another touchdown drive after Flowers' first interception. Heck of a game by the Chiefs creating the most of their opportunities.

4.75. Yards per carry for Jackie Battle. I'll admit it, as excited as I was, I thought there was a chance that Battle's 119 yards against the Colts was a fluke. But he responded on Sunday carrying the ball 16 times for 76 yards, or 4.75 yards per carry. It was a solid game against a very good defensive line. Through two games, Battle's telling us he's not a fluke.

0. Times Matt Cassel was sacked. Terrific job by the Chiefs giving him enough time to throw. We know the Chiefs usually aren't very good against teams with big defensive lines (see Oakland, Baltimore in 2010) but this time was different. Cassel was sacked 10 times in the Chiefs last two games against Oakland brought that number down to zero yesterday.

0. Number of returns for the Raiders. Remember when Jacoby Ford brought one back against KC last year? They wanted to avoid that and they did on Sunday as Ryan Succop didn't allow a single kickoff return. Raiders actually had one return and, yes, I'm a bit of a dummy.

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