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Chiefs Crush Raiders 28-0 To Win Their Third Game In A Row

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This was one of the most entertaining Kansas City Chiefs game in recent memory. What made it so memorable?

First, the Chiefs' secondary had six interceptions against the Raiders quarterbacks Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer. Six. Every starting defensive back got a pick. It was close to the franchise record of seven interceptions in one game. Did I mention that Brandon Flower and Kendrick Lewis both scored touchdowns on their picks?

Next, the Raiders team basically crumbled in the fourth quarter. The team had fourteen penalties in the game and a number of their personal foul penalties came in a frustrating fourth quarter for the Raiders. It was a bit sad actually seeing them break down.

In general, this game just had fun, exciting plays for the Chiefs. KC stopped the Raiders on four consecutive plays at the goal line in the first half. Dwayne Bowe was being Dwayne Bowe and making amazing catches. Steve Breaston played great as well, speeding past defenders throughout the entire game. Jonathan Baldwin made his first NFL catch today. By the way, Baldwin looks huge.   

Finally, Raiders coach Hue Jackson gave Todd Haley the 'ole finger wag at the end of the game for presumably running up the score (which I didn't think the Chiefs did). 

At the end of the day, this was just a fun game to watch for Chiefs fans. 

Lots to talk about after this game so use this as your post-game thread. Joel will have more coming soon. 

It's Game Time.

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