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Chiefs Beat Raiders And 34 Things To Remember About The Game

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The Kansas City Chiefs embarrassed the Oakland Raiders at their own place, 28-0. We knew this would be a tough game for KC but I don't think anyone thought they could go out and snag six interceptions en route to a shutout. Incredible game that comes at the perfect time.

I have 34 things to remember about this game after the jump. From the first interception to the sixth interception, it's all in there. Check it out.

No slow starts for KC. Slow starts have been the knock on the Chiefs this season but that didn't happen this time as Kendrick Lewis picked off a Kyle Boller pass on the Raiders first drive -- Boller's first pass attempt of the day -- and took it to the house for six points. Here's video of the interception and run back.

The Raiders started the game with two active cornerbacks. Yup, two. The Chiefs probably should've donated some of their touchdowns to the Raiders secondary.

First Carson Palmer chants came in the second series of the game. But the Raiders kept Boller in there all the way through the first half. Clearly, though, the fan base in Oakland was ready for Palmer.

Jonathan Baldwin working out of the slot early in the game. Chiefs coach Todd Haley said this week that he didn't want to disrupt the momentum of Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston when talking about Baldwin potentially being active. You can see he meant that as he kept Bowe and Breaston outside and Baldwin in the slot early in the game. Interesting wrinkle.
Jonathan Baldwin's first NFL catch is a first down. But the Chiefs gave it back to Oakland a few plays later with a punt. Baldwin was also targeted by Matt Cassel on the second play of the game.

Baldwin also had a drop in the flat. And on another play it seemed that he ran the wrong route. Cassel threw it a few feet to his right and, though I could be wrong, it looks like Baldwin ran a route wrong, or maybe the timing was just off.

Terrelle Pryor makes his debut, too. The Raiders faced a third and short and Pryor, who hasn't been in a game yet, lineld up as a receiver and went in motion behind center, took the snap and plunged forward. The problem? It was a penalty. Pryor never stopped for a second after going in motion.

Brandon Flowers getting in on the action, too. One of my keys to the game was Flowers having a big game after he was burned on a huge play by Jacoby Ford last season. In the first quarter, he got his revenge picking off Boller (which was his second interception of the day) on a deep pass. He did something even cooler a little later in the game.

Chiefs are capitalizing off turnovers. I said before the game that turnovers were the biggest key to the game, as it is every week. That's definitely the case today and the Chiefs are taking it a step further by putting points on the board after their turnovers. Lewis' interception resulted directly in a 7-0 lead, and Flowers' interception was followed by a touchdown drive making it 14-0. Add in Flowers' pick-six in the second half and that's 21 points off turnovers.

Dwayne Bowe meets the Black Hole. Bowe scored on a touchdown (which was reviewed and overturned ruling it down at the one-yard line) in the first quarter and picked up the ball afterwards and ran to the Raider fans behind the end zone, stopped, turned around and posed. He had some water or beer thrown at him while he was posing. That's a little bit of the D-Bowe Show coming out (and it's deserved).

Chiefs get first rushing touchdown of the year...or do they? For now, the stats folks are crediting Le'Ron McClain with a rushing touchdown, which would be the Chiefs first rushing touchdown of the year. However, replays showed McClain fumbled before hitting the goal line and the ball was recovered by guard Jon Asamoah. We'll see if this stands when stat corrections come out this week.

Chiefs give up the big play, which they didn't want to do. Todd Haley talked this week about avoiding big plays but on a third and five from the 40-yard line, the Chiefs gave up a 35-yard run by Michael Bush taking Oakland down to the five yard line. The problem for Oakland is that...

The Chiefs had an outstanding goal line stand. Just huge. It reminded me of this goal line stand by Kelly Gregg. My biggest concern entering this game was that the Raiders were too big and strong up front for the Chiefs but that's clearly not the case and the goal line stand is an excellent example of that.

DJ is sorta the man right now. Derrick Johnson stopped Michael Bush on the 35-yard run, stopped Bush on his first down run and then stuffed Bush on fourth down. DJ's having a great game, which is something we've been saying a lot lately.

Cassel had seven straight completions. The streak ended with an incomplete pass to Leonard Pope in the second quarter. Nice start (and end) to the game for him, even with no touchdowns.

I loved this play for the Chiefs. There were lots of great plays today but I'm going to pick one you're probably not thinking of. The Chiefs are in their own territory in the second quarter and facing a third and 10. Cassel drops back and looks like he can't find his first read and eventually finds Breaston crossing the middle of the field about five yards from the line of scrimmage. He hits Breaston who is able to turn what looks like a wasted five-yard gain into an 18-yard gain giving the Chiefs a fresh set of downs. Good teams make plays like that.

Punters do matter and Dustin Colquitt's the man. I'm writing this in the second quarter so he'll probably do this again before the game is over but Colquitt has now placed punts at the one and two yard lines. That's so huge for the defense.

Boneheaded play by Demorrio Williams. Penalty for hands to the face on an Oakland punt. The Chiefs would've had the ball at about the 40-yard line with a little over two minutes left in the half. Instead, Oakland held onto the ball denying the Chiefs a chance at more points. Just a dumb play.

Carson Palmer era is starting. Raider fans were going crazy when they saw Palmer put his helmet on on the sidelines and start to warm up. The Palmer era is starting in the third quarter of this game.

Even Javier Arenas is scoring touchdowns. On a direct snap, Arenas scored a touchdown from seven yards out. Yes, Arenas, the defensive back, lined up at quarterback and scored. That's the kind of day this is. Here's video of that play.

Carson Palmer's first play nets a personal foul. Palmer came onto the field to cheers from the crowd and on his first play dropped back to pass and completed an 18-yard pass. Tamba Hali rushed the passer on that play and he dove landing at the knees of Palmer, which was a personal foul call on Hali. So good things immediately starting happening when Palmer entered the game.

Tamba Hali gets a holding call. It's the little things that count so let's appreciate things like this. On the play after Hali caused a holding call, he was triple-teamed.

Cassel has two picks on the day. But it's really only one. The first one came on a hail mary at the end of the first half. The second one came in the third quarter and it was a pass to Dexter McCluster that was overthrown. The Chiefs scored 21 points off turnovers and the Raiders scored zero.

Darrius Heyward-Bey makes me laugh. He catches a first down at the end of the third quarter and takes his helmet partially off screaming, hootin' and hollerin'. Uhh...Chiefs were up 21-0. What's even better than that.... what Brandon Flowers did on the play after that. Flowers jumped a Palmer pass and took it to the house. Here's video of that play. That's two picks on the day for Flowers and two touchdowns for the Chiefs defense. What a day for the KC defense.

Brandon Flowers should enjoy this one. Remember last year when he was the goat of the game giving up a big play to Raiders' Jacoby Ford in overtime that got Oakland into field goal position? He's also had a rough start to this season so we've been dogging him a little bit. All he did was respond with two picks and a touchdown.

That's three touchdowns for the Chiefs secondary. The Kendrick Lewis interception return, Javier Arenas' wildcat touchdown and Flowers' interception return.

Flowers' was flagged on that play, by the way. He put the ball down after the touchdown, put his foot on it and flexed in front of the Black Hole. You can't use the football as a prop when you score so that's a 15-yard penalty. Oh well, he earned the right to do that.

Jon McGraw gets the fifth pick of the day. This is getting crazy, isn't it? Five interceptions for an NFL team is way too many. The franchise record is seven in one game back in 1968. McGraw's pick came on a tipped ball so it's not totally Palmer's fault.

Travis Daniels gets the sixth pick of the day. This is getting crazy. Like, really, really insane. 

Chiefs went for six with two minutes remaining. Considering Haley hasn't liked others running up the score on him, I'm wondering why Cassel tried to hit Bowe from nearly 30 yards out with two minutes left in the game and the Chiefs leading 28-0. I think that's what lead to....

Hue Jackson finger wagging Haley at the handshake. What goes around comes around, I guess. Jackson looked like he was pointing his finger at Haley and saying something -- the CBS announcers described the exchange as "chilly" and "icy" -- but Haley walked right past him as they shook hands.

This is Oakland's first loss to an AFC West team since Week 10, 2009. The last AFC West team to beat them? The Chiefs.

Last road shutout for the Chiefs: November 4, 1973, vs. Chargers, 19-0. Dan Fouts, the CBS announcer calling the game, was the quarterback that day and had three picks.

It's Game Time.

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