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Hue Jackson Wants To Get Carson Palmer Reps Today

Surprise, surprise we're talking about the Oakland Raiders quarterback situation again. Earlier today I said I wouldn't be surprised if the Raiders got all three of their quarterbacks -- Carson Palmer, Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor -- in at some point during today's game.

Jay Glazer reported moments ago on FOX's pregame show that Hue Jackson will start Boller but wants to get Palmer at least some reps today.

"I talked to Hue Jackson yesterday and he said, 'The guy looks terrific. Could I have started him this week? Yes, absolutely. Physically he can do it. But I need to protect him from himself, this is a long-term thing. I never once expected to start him right when we got him.' However, he added, I am planning to dress him and I would like to get him in in certain situations if I'm able to."

Several things of note here.

First, he leaves the door open for Palmer to play today. In fact, it sure sounds like getting him on the field is part of the plan and not just something they hope comes up. I bet Palmer sees some snaps today.

Second, it's interesting that he says he "never once expected" to start him right away considering all the buzz on Wednesday was that Palmer was starting. So, where did ESPN get their story on Palmer starting?

Glazer also mentioned the previously reported tidbit about Pryor having some packages.

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