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Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Gameday Is Here

Good morning everyone. After talking about it all week, it's finally here -- the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders playing today, the red vs. the silver and black, the good guys vs. the bad guys.

I've been busy this weekend celebrating Ms. Primetime's milestone birthday (and I'm not allowed to say how old but 20 is too young and 40 is too old...) which basically means I've been buying her gifts and boozing all weekend. Make sure to say happy birthday and tell her how great she is in the comments to make me look good.

But we have important things to do today. The Chiefs are looking to get back to .500 on the year at 3-3 with a victory here. If they can do that, then this season will be a lot more interesting, and not the stinker we once thought it would be.

We're the late game today so things won't really be popping around here til the early afternoon.

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