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Name The Kansas City Chiefs Top 10 Picks

I'm going to pose a question here that I asked on Twitter earlier today.

ESPN's AFC West blog has a story up looking at all the top 10 picks on the Oakland Raiders roster, including LB Aaron Curry and QB Carson Palmer, both of whom were acquired in the last week or so. They make up eight top 10 picks on the Raiders' roster, which is second in the league. The Raiders even had two top 10 picks leave the team last year in QB JaMarcus Russell and G Robert Gallery.

The San Francisco 49ers are first in the league with nine top 10 picks and the Kansas City Chiefs are tied for fourth with four top 10 picks on the roster.

So my challenge to you is to name the four top 10 picks on the Chiefs. Three of them are easy because they were drafted in the last three years -- DE Glenn Dorsey (No. 5, 2008), DE Tyson  Jackson (No. 3, 2009) and S Eric Berry (No. 5, 2010).

Who's the last one? It took me a minute but I got it. See if you can figure it out before looking at the comments (or the Chiefs roster).

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