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Looking At Where Chiefs Vs. Raiders Ranks This Weekend

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The Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders is one of the top five best games this weekend, if you ask me, a Chiefs fan (obviously biased). There's a rivalry, Carson Palmer is returning and it has serious AFC West implications. For those three reasons, I think it's in the top five best games this week.

Ryan Van Bibber disagrees in his best games of the week feature over at including these games in his top five:

Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins: They're honoring the 2008 Florida Gators national championship on the same day Tim Tebow is playing quarterback for the opposing team...seriously.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions: The Lions are becoming a must-watch and the Falcons are trying to stay competitive this season entering the game at 3-3.

Chicago Bears vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The London Game.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Cleveland Browns: Mike Holmgren's old team vs. his new team.

San Diego Chargers vs. New York Jets: Just two good teams. The Chargers can continue pulling away in the AFC West and a Jets loss puts them in serious trouble.

If it were me, I'd remove the Falcons-Lions game as one of the best of the week and replace it with the Chiefs-Raiders. If the Chiefs and Raiders had been better in recent years then this rivalry would be a bigger deal but I think, regardless, it's a top five game this week.

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