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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

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It's Red Friday and it's Raider week. Are you guys as amped up as I am?  I just want to give everyone a warning before the game -- if the Chiefs do end up losing the game, then it's my wife's fault.  She made me shave during the bye week because she doesn't like my facial hair outside of my goatee.

Speaking of not shaving, there is a great FanShot we're highlighting this week.  Overall, there wasn't too much news this week besides a lot of activity going on with our rivals, the Raiders and Broncos. So much of the news this week could affect the Chiefs down the road.

If you think you missed something then please follow along....

Five Biggest Stories

1.  Chargers Remain On Top Of AFC West Through Six Weeks

The Chargers are still at top but for how long? They have a pretty brutal stretch in their schedule whereas the Raiders and Chiefs have it a bit easier.  The Broncos might catch a spark with Tim Tebow but are they too far behind?  Let's hope by week 17 the Chiefs are at the top of the list.

2.  Chiefs Injury Report Stays The Same; Raiders Now Have 11 Players Listed

It seems like the Chiefs conditioning program is really paying off.  I have a feeling that we will be getting stronger as other teams start to hurt.  That will start to translate into wins.  Chiefs just have Battle and McClain on the injury report--who both should play. The Raiders added Sebastian Janikowski to the list which would only help the Chiefs if he isn't at 100 percent.

3.  Chiefs Gearing Up For Raider Week

Raider week is the week where there is no holds barred.  The Chiefs and Raiders just don't like each other.  It is one of those rivalries that are always hard fought.  I want a win here more than I could possibly explain.

4.  Carson Palmer Trade: Good Move Or Bad Move By Raiders?

I have stated a few times how I feel about this trade but since this is on the front page I'll be nicer. I think the trade is good for the Bengals, as the Raiders will get an old quarterback that is very average. They will have next to no draft picks next year and they need those picks to help with depth problems. Winners of the week go to the Bengals franchise.

5.  Brandon Lloyd Traded To St. Louis Rams

I like that Lloyd is out of the division because he did hurt us a few times last year. It also gives the Rams a decent WR for Bradford to work with so it works out for both Missouri teams.

In Case You Missed It...

1.  Chiefs’ Depth Chart Still Has Jackie Battle On Third Team

I don't think this is anything to worry about.  After all Jamaal Charles was always listed 2nd on the depth chart.  Battle might get a few less carries than he did against the Colts but he will still be a factor.  Hopefully, just enough so their pass rush can stay honest.  Jones broke off a few big runs this year and he had a week to rest up.  I think he will be a factor as well.  Now, will when Dexter McCluster step up?

2.  Plenty Of Chiefs-Raiders Connections

I honestly didn't know that former Chiefs CB Kevin Ross is the Raiders defensive backs coach.  I also forget that Cb Chris Johnson spent time with the Chiefs in 2006.  This is why I love these connection stories.  It refreshed my memory and teaches me something new.

FanPost Of The Week

Suck For Luck: Long-Term Big Picture View or Faulty Logic? by WorL4Chiefs

It seems like anything to do with Luck gains a lot of attention.  However, this is a post that is very well thought out and a very nice read.  There are a million comments already but could always use more.  So make sure you thank WorL4Chiefs for a great post!

FanShot Of The Week

Beard Powers by Shanghai_Chiefs

This is a funny yet true post.  It seems like everyone is trying to get an edge.  I think that last couple of weeks it was getting naked for the Chiefs.  Now, we must all have beards like Zack Galifianakis or the Chiefs will lose.  Todd Haley started this now let's hope he never shaves finishes it.

A Year Ago Today...

Chiefs DE Shaun Smith Says He Successfully Appealed His $10,000 Fine

I miss Smith because he gave the defense so much swagger.  If you remember this time last year he seemed to have more than a handful of swag.  Yes, swag.

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