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Raiders Get Extension To Avoid Blackout Of Chiefs Game

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders will face off this weekend in a game our Raiders blog, Silver and Black Pride, calls the "most significant game that the Oakland Raiders have played since 2003." Carson Palmer is coming back so it's huge in Oakland (and the NFL world in general) and, for the Chiefs, it's a chance to legitimately make some noise in the division so this game has big AFC West implications.

So, Raider fans should be salivating at the chance to get out to the stadium in Oakland and see this game, right?

Apparently not.

The Raiders have requested and received an extension to sell enough tickets to avoid a blackout, Pro Football Talk (who seems to be getting a lot of the leaks out of Oakland these days) reports. Usually these extensions are for 24 hours and usually the league doesn't grant them unless there's a good chance they can sell the tickets or a corporate partner has stepped up to purchase the remaining tickets at the deadline.

The Raiders have sold out every regular season game so far this season so I'm a little surprised this one hasn't been sold out already. So we shall see if this game gets on TV in Oakland. It would be a shame if a game of this magnitude wasn't televised for Raider fans.

Those of you staying in Kansas City for this game, there's nothing to worry about. It'll be televised in KC regardless of what happens with the tickets in Oakland.

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