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Matt Cassel Goes On ESPN's Mike And Mike (With Herm Edwards)

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel went on ESPN's Mike and Mike yesterday morning along with special guest Herm Edwards talking about the Chiefs and -- what else -- the arrival of QB Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders.

(Editor's note: Does anyone listen to Mike and Mike? Usually when a Chiefs player goes on a national media outlet I get a bunch of tweets and emails alerting us but I had just one person tell me that Cassel was on yesterday morning.)

Here's a summary of what Cassel talked about with the two Mikes and Herm Edwards:

  • "The glaring issue for us early on was turnovers," Cassel said of the Chiefs 0-3 start. Yup. That's the easiest way to put it. After two weeks, the Chiefs were last in turnover differential turning it over a whopping nine times. Since then? Just one turnover, and none in the last two games. Turnovers are obviously the biggest key to the Chiefs succeeding.
  • "Carson's a friend of mine and I know this has been a difficult time for him and his family," Cassel said. "Just the fact that he gets to play again, I'm really excited for him because I know it's something he wanted to do. The situation in Cincinnati didn't work out for him but now that he's in Oakland I'm excited for him for every day of the year, except for two days when we play him. I hope he does really well but I hope he doesn't do too well against us."
  • Cassel says, from his experience, it takes some time to step into a situation as a new quarterback and become successful. But he also says if anyone can do it, it's Palmer.
  • "I think [Palmer] was motivated to not go back to the Cincinnati Bengals but at the same time I always thought in the back of my mind he would go out there and try to play if the opportunity came up."
  • "Like the rest of our team, we started slow and had some turnovers early on in the season but I feel like I've been pretty consistent the last three weeks and hopefully we'll continue that." People point to his sideline yelling match with Todd Haley as the turning point of the season so far but I really think it was the second half in San Diego that turned things around.

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