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Chiefs' Todd Haley Reacts To The First Win Of The Season

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The Kansas City Chiefs get their first victory of the season, beating the Minnesota Vikings, 22-17. This game was more like the 2010 team where some things seemed to just go their way.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley spoke to the media after the game. Here's what went down in the interview room....

-Haley kicked things off addressing Breast Cancer Awareness month, as he did in his press conferences earlier this week. Several players wore pink gear, like cleats and gloves.

-I wonder if Haley's hat is a good luck charm and he's not washing it until they got a win. It's diiirty but I hope that's the new good luck charm after today's victory.

-Haley singled out a few offensive players in this game. Ryan Succop for tying a franchise record with five field goals, Matt Cassel for his 18-of-29 day and Jackie Battle for picking up that last first down to seal the game.

-Haley also noted that the defense played similar to last week, save those end arounds to Percy Harvin. He was pleased with the way the defense played.

-He said last night they challenged the offensive line to protect Cassel, which they did for the most part. He ended with three sacks. 

-There were a couple of questions about the Haley-Matt Cassel dustup on the sidelines. TV cameras showed them arguing when Cassel threw away two straight passes, including a third down pass thrown at the feet of Le'Ron McClain. Haley downplayed the situation and laughed saying, "I have a number of coaching moments throughout the game." He also said, "You say what you feel because I'm going to [say what I feel]."

-No clear answer from Haley on what happened with that last Vikings touchdown. The replays seemed to show that Mike Jenkins, the Vikings receiver, had just one foot down on the touchdown and the replay booth is supposed to automatically review every play. He indicated that, if it were a challengeable play, they would have challenged it. 

-He also talked about the "hidden yardage" with the Chiefs -- yards after catch. That was most evident during Dwayne Bowe's 52-yard touchdown catch where he shook off a pair of defenders to get into the end zone. Haley said that was something they were talking about all week. 

-He also said that they were ready to move on from the first quarter of the season. Overall, it was a disappointment but they end on a high note.

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