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Vikings Vs. Chiefs: Adrian Peterson All Day

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We'll never root for an injury but I will say I wasn't incredibly disappointed when I saw the news that Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson missed Wednesday's practice. He's arguably the best running back in the NFL so if he weren't going to play, I wouldn't complain.

Alas, Peterson was just taking a day off on Wednesday after taking a shot last week. He'll be playing on Sunday and should be expecting a big workload.

I asked our Vikings blog, Daily Norseman, what we can expect from Peterson today.

You can expect a heaping dose of "All Day"...well, all day. One of the most mystifying facts about the Vikings' second half collapses in 2011 is that they have inexplicably gone away from handing off to Peterson with their big second half leads. Leslie Frazier and the rest of the coaching staff has already come out and said that they won't make that mistake again.

I expect around 25-30 touches for the Vikings' best player; if it's less, it probably means that Minnesota didn't execute their game plan. And as for your question about if he still has it or not? Oh yeah. Without a doubt. Hopefully you'll get to see just how much he still has it on Sunday in KC.

A running back who the fans don't think gets enough carries? Hmm....where I have I heard that before....

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