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Final Decision On Carson Palmer Coming Friday

The Oakland Raiders haven't yet officially announced that Carson Palmer will be starting on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs but that's widely believed to be the case.

Earlier this morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported via team sources that Palmer will be starting against the Chiefs, despite being on the team for less than 24 hours at that point.

Head coach Hue Jackson said on Tuesday night that he wasn't ready to name a starter and he's sticking to that this afternoon. ESPN's Colleen Dominguez reports that Jackson has yet to make his final decision.

To summarize: ESPN reports that Palmer will be starting and ESPN also reports that the Raiders haven't made their final decision yet.

What teams say during the week doesn't really matter. What they do, however, does matter and Palmer has been splitting first team snaps today.

Whatever arm of the Worldwide Leader you listen to, it seems that Palmer is the favorite to be starting this weekend. 

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