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NFL Trade Deadline Comes And Goes With A Few Moves Made

The 2011 NFL trade deadline ended at 3:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) today and there were three trades completed in the final 24 hours. Here are a few things to remember about the 2011 version of the NFL trade deadline:

Three moves were made. Bengals trade Carson Palmer to the Raiders, Broncos trade Brandon Lloyd to the Rams and Eagles trade Ronnie Brown to the Lions. Those are a few big name players that got moved at the deadline, which is a little unusual. We usually don't see much real action at the trade deadline.

The two biggest trades involved the AFC West. The Raiders acquiring Palmer and the Broncos trading Lloyd are the two biggest moves made this year, and they both came from teams in the AFC West. The Palmer one is obviously huge and goes down as one of the biggest deadline deals in recent memory.

No moves for the Chiefs. And I'm not surprised. I didn't write much about the Chiefs at the trade deadline because I just didn't see any worthwhile moves out there. The Chiefs are sticking with what they've got.

One trade that should have been made. The Browns have seemingly been dragging their feet regarding an extension for Peyton Hillis. If they have decided not to extend him, then why not trade him now and get some value out of him? The drop off from Hillis to Montario Hardesty isn't a huge one, in my opinion, and Hillis could have helped another team down the stretch. I thought the Browns should have considered trading him but reports out of Cleveland say he wasn't on the trade block.

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