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Most Chiefs Fans Say Raiders' Carson Palmer Trade Was Good (For KC)

The question was...

From the Oakland Raiders perspective, is it a good move or a bad move trading for Carson Palmer from the Cincinnati Bengals?

Over 1,200 responses later, we have our answer: it was a bad move for Oakland. We posted a poll asking that question and the results have 70 percent of voters saying the move was a bad one for the Raiders.

That means, from the Chiefs' perspective, we think this was a great move for the Raiders.

While Palmer may be able to help them out in the short-term, it's incredibly difficult to survive in the NFL without draft picks and the Raiders have given up a whopping three 2012 draft picks on quarterbacks -- Carson Palmer (first), Terrelle Pryor (third) and Jason Campbell (fourth). Only one of those guys can play, yet the Raiders used a first, third and fourth round pick on quarterbacks.

Oh, and a first or second rounder in 2013, too.

It's so hard to survive without the draft and the Raiders have clearly shown that they don't have a plan when it comes to spending draft picks, particularly on quarterbacks.

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